It was a like a scene taken out of a movie, a gay movie he never thought that this was possible. Jz stared as cold air brushed passed Elm, sending ripples in his polo shirt  while Elm leans over taking a good look over the display of  cut meats, Jz just take's a good glimpse at him taking a mental picture then adding it to his growing memories of him,he tried to count how many time they had gone out but he has track if there was one thing he learned from Elm it was "living in the moment" not counting the days or weeks but its remembering moments and not regretting things, It was just an hour after the mall had opened, there were only few people in sight an employee placed price tagg's on what seemed to be hundreds of tuna can's with a yellow gun thingie,  crabs lie stoic in glass water tanks you wouldnt know if they were alive or dead unless they gave you a pinch. Elm notices a tank of what seems to be catfish sleeping he approached and banged the hell out of the glass aquarium screaming " hoy gising sayang yung binabayad sa inyo dito" the cat fish were startled they went into a frenzy then returned to the slimy mass of black matter that they were before. His palms were sweaty as he pushed the shopping cart,following him oblivious to the cold air conditioned air he was feeling rather warm inside, happiness like a bullet in the brain it was like a sudden increase of endorphins more than eating chocolate could give, he couldnt stop smirking sheepishly everytime he made a funny remarks about things that he liked and not liked,Elm was diffrent for a 30 year-old, Jz thought that they were similar in some ways and habits even though they were separated by ten years of Elm's existence.
he watched elm while he handed his credit card (jz likes to observe and stared at people a lot)
he notices little things
the trickle of sweat on his forehead
specks of white hair set against a black background
a darkened nape
he could go on in this trance like state
but Elm brought him back to earth
they haul yellow grocery bags into the cart
with weeks amount of meats(Elm is a meat lover), and other processed stuff and made their way outside
the sun it radiates with heat as they wait in line for a cab he stared at him trough his worn out plastic framed glasses into his eyes then he smiled...


you wanna be on top?

it was an grusome threesome...last night, there was no bottom in sight as two top guys and one versatile guy (i think that would be me) wrestled each other in bed, it was a dose of role confusion mixed with the fear of having a loose but hole that made me said no (though much poking and rimming had been done but alas!)

"are you top or bottom?" a question asked more frequently "than whats your name" or "did you ever got tested before" ive alwaysed classified myself as a bottom but due to some divine intervention i think its better to be a top
ive heard that power bottoms(who ever thought up of that term?) had diminished wink reflexes on their holes, that no effort is used when dumping thier load on the toilets... well look at the bright side at least you wont have to strain your self while defecating  hmm maybe bottoms have less risks of having hernias due to absence of straining in defecation, but have a high risks of developing anal fistulas or "almoranas" 

sa tingin kahit gaano ka gwapo o kaganda ang katawan ng isang guy, kapag hinidi kau sexually compatible wala ring mangyayari... 

the threesome turned out to be some kind of jerkfest wahehe but it was damn good that what happens when the versa guy has his monthly menstral periods due to complicated arrangements with his fuck buddy!

Iron Cheap

"who's cuisine will reign supreme"
it was a disaster...
my carbonara turned out to be something like a macaroni salad it was really dry... as in flavorless dry masyado ko kasing tinipid, instead of following the proper carbonara sauce formula given by my friend which is:

3 packs of cream+1 big can of evap milk : 1 kg of pasta

i only bought 2 packs of all purpose cream because im trying to buy a pack of bacon i guess my cost cutting has a price  hehe
cooking is an exact yet an unexact science its chemistry of various substances, its the  alchemy of transformation of  ingridients
i think ive been watching too much cooking shows in travel and living... sometimes the more we see other people cook the more we want to cook like them, that sometimes we all lose our own style of cooking i guess cooking is more than following directions from a cookbook or learning a secret recipe

Bear Months 115 days to go

its only 115 days to go before xmas
and its the start of Bear months wahehe it signals the start of x-mas season although its still a long time
this is the time bears prepare for winter hibernation
its also a time for bear copulation

only 111 days before my birthday im not too elated about it though
but what the heck some people say i already look like im into my 30's
what an insult for a 21 year old
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(no subject)

Its been six weeks since i last blogged about anything and im back, i think ill never be able to blog at a regular basis it seems at a point in time my creative juices seem to run out off my head, its like a breeding cycle you cant be fertile all the time or youll end up "tigang" drought cycle going on in there or im just plain lazy to update about everything and ive been thinking over whether continuing this blog is worthwhile,its the things that i come up seem to be senseless but i guess after a few years when i look back it would be all worthwhile its like a time machine bringing me back to in-your-face-silly moments,senseless rantings and bad times that ive been trough this freaking life

A lot of things has happened in the past few weeks it might be ugly but here it goes:

1)Ive lost 2 lbs? hmmm nah thats not really an achievement.
2)I finally trimmed my pubes! kaingin!
3)Someone thought me how to use Torrent hehe ive been downloading like crazy from the most mundane things ,programs, music albums airplane operating manuals and an idiots guide on world domination.
4)Porn addiction was lessened by 50%!
5)Ive been to the 2009 metro manila comic convention yeah hehe.
6)My paranoia in sex has been cured! i feel so fertile, my testosterone are reaching dangerous levels hopefully i wont have body odor.
7)I finally learned the truth about some hiv+ issues...about someone
8)I got laid! would you believe that!?

a lot of crazier things have happened other than those listed above but ill tell them some other time
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attack of the killer hasbrowns

what you ar seeing now is a hashbrown
served in a party hmm.. but arent hash browns only served in moring breakfast? unless you want your guests to be feel satisfied in a fast way ,its a money saver specially in times of recesion when you have your birthday feast for your friends try stuffing your guests with these so they wont get past the appetizers
this is only the first time ive tasted something like this
its your normal potato hash stuffed with a ham and chesse center deep fried in reused oil to soak up the flavors

i dont know if our neighbor is trying to give us an heart attack i just feel my arteries clogging with every bite
hindi ko lang alam kung makakailang bypass ka after eating this.

i can send a box of these to the president and kill her on the spot ,she will have a heart attack before even taking  a bite heheh
world domination is at hand haha



matgal na since the last time nakakain ako ng scramble
this pinkish cooler made me a bit nostalgic about my childhood
i used to remember back in the old days peddlers usually sell this stuff on bicycles
i really dont have idea how they make it
but i think its just pink food coloring mixed with vannilla dumped into ice
the thing that makes it good is the powdered milk and other topping that they add to it its really cheap to make thats why it sells good

today i think fewer and fewer people sell this stuff
kaya someone already thought of making a franchise out of it
from the streets to the malls
sramble has come a long way


shoe stacks


im soooo tired ive gone shoe shopping today at megamall today
may sale kasi ang sports warehouse
all 70% down on all addidas and nike products

ive never seen and been around so many shoes in my entire life

it was chaotic so many shoes had missing pairs too bad magaganda pa naman
i had a cousin whose a manager so instead of being stuck in the crowd i get to go inside the booths and directly where they store the shoes heheh
mabilis ako makasira ng rubber shoes so kailangan talaga ng mag invest sa matibay na shoes specially when im working out at may kakaibang at kung anoanong kapaguran ang pinapagawa ang personal trainer ko hehe

after hours of going trough shoe boxes and trying out many pairs of shoes
ive ended up choosing addidas breeze 2


its not really stable in the front but as you can guess with the name its keeps your feet cool , it also has good support in the heel, its light bec. its made of some kind of mesh material which allows your feet to breath but with the down side of less support on sides of the feet...but i think ok na nasisira kasi shoes ko sa kaka treadmill so ok na to pang running na din kasi

hay salamat a blog entry not about sex this time
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hormones or whatever

ive been thinking
is it ok to be sexually promiscuous? 
im confused about that no-strings-attached-ill-fuck-you-fuck
me routine
is casual sex good? or is it bad?
sometimes i think im missing out on my youth for not engaging in such activities... a lot of old gays i know tell me about of their "pokpok" days kailangan ba talagang magkaroon sa talang buhay ng bakla ng pokpok days?

ive been receiving a lot indecent proposals and i dont know when this balttle between hormones and conscience in my head is gonna last
sometimes i think im innately un-promiscuous(i dont want to be a hypocrite) although sex runs through my mind more that nerve impulses but still when its comes to having sex for just the sake of sex does not suite my taste at all
my mind is torn a part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and engage in those rimming,fukcing,licking,slurping,heavenly,hot,pulsating, activities
but the other half of my mind is refusing to do so
for some reason thath i do and dont know...

im kinda confused right now ayoko magpaka pokpok but im temtped too 

is  it good to have more blood going to your head than to your dick?
or is it the other way around 

lets just see how this ends